BE KAUKAU, PY, is a dossier documenting the silhouettes of individuals on the streets of Pyongyang on June 28, 2014. Throughout the experiment, KAUKAU aimed to extract the essence of newspapers, geometrically transforming them and using graphic design to accentuate their intense emotions. The inner pages feature densely packed geometric patterns, highlighted by bold spot colors, creating a striking contrast with the cylindrical cover. The cover and back cover showcase a photograph that encapsulates the dynamic of "seeing and being seen." Post-processing renders the image in a blurry, pointillistic style, printed in a special silver color that shifts in emotional tone with varying viewing angles.

BE KAUKAU,PY ,是一份关于2014年6月28日这一天平壤街头的人物背影档案。在实验过程中,KAUKAU试图提取报纸的特质,将其几何化并用平面设计突出其浓烈的情绪。内页呈现了密集的几何形态,通过强烈的专色突显情绪,与封面筒装页形成极大的反差。封面和封底图选取了一张能代表“看与被看”关系的照片,经过处理后呈现出模糊的点状效果,同时采用专色银印刷,会随着翻阅的角度角度的变化渲染出不同的情绪氛围。

AD: Li Zifei
DD: Li Kefeng