BE KAUKAU, SH is an experimental poster book that explores the contrast between urban image memory and actual perception. Starting from this point, KAUKAU uses a subjective perspective to create an open narrative. Through the use of bold spot colors and a custom English typeface designed in collaboration with the Huruf type studio, the book navigates between the imagined and the real Shanghai cityscape.

BE KAUKAU,SH 是一本实验性的海报书。以探讨城市图像记忆和实际感受的反差作为出发点,用KAUKAU的主观视角铺设出一条开放性的叙事线,利用强烈的对比专色和与Huruf字体工作室合作设计的一套英文字体,游弋于上海的城市想象和真实感受之间。

AD: Li Zifei
DD: Li Kefeng