In "The ABC Song", the letters L, M, N, O, and P are often pronounced together as "Elemenopee [ɛlemenopi]", which often causes young beginners to mistake these five letters for one letter. In the dissemination of information, similar information entropy is almost unavoidable due to various reasons. As a method of continuously critically discussing the various situa-tions encountered in information dissemination,Nonsense Saver will continue to experiment with the experimental sound artist in the new dimension of sound, transforming sound data into new rules of typeface generation and completing an experimental video based on this.

在“The ABC Song”中,字母LMNOP常被连读为“Elemenope[ɛlemenopi]”这常常造成低龄的初学者误认为这五个字母是一个字母。在信息传播中,由于各种原因类似的信息熵几乎是难以避免的。作为一种持续性地对信息传播中所遭遇的种种境遇进行批判性探讨的方法,NonsenseSaver将会继续在声音这一新的维度,与实验声音艺术家一同展开尝试,将声音的数据转化为字体生成的新规则,并以此完成一段实验影像。

ADr: Zifei Li
P: Zeyang / Yi Zhang / JJIU
D: Liangyu Qin,Kun Li