KAUWGOMBAL, in collaboration with the craft brewery brand 18, jointly released the beer gift box "EROS," extending the theme of "EROS" into the visual interpretation of gifts. They captured the light reactions inspired by the transformation of typographic entities in a black space, presenting the complex emotions implied by holiday gifts. Those indescribable feelings embody the wonderful experience of "EROS.”

KAUWGOMBAL联合精酿品牌拾捌在White Day共同发布精酿礼盒“EROS”,  是把“EROS”这一主题继续拓延到关于礼物的视觉阐释中,捕捉黑色空间里字形实体变化所激发的光线反应,将节日礼物所示意的复杂感受予以呈现。那些不可名状的心情是关于“EROS”的奇妙体验。