Inspired by The Phantom Zone, KAUKAU has designed a set of modern calligraphic title fonts for this series, characterized by sharp outlines and bold individuality. Due to their monospaced design, they are suitable for both horizontal and vertical layouts, ensuring basic readability and distinctive recognition whether applied on posters or in title bars. KAUKAU has combined these fonts with visual elements from Na gou da for a secondary creation, presenting them through three-dimensional graphic representations in this Risograph-printed poster book.

受到 The Phantom Zone 的启发,KAUKAU 为这个系列设计了一套现代花体标题字,轮廓锋利和个性张扬。由于等宽的设定,因此它同时适用于横版和竖版,不管是应用在海报或是标题栏中,都能保证基础的可读性和鲜明的辨识度。KAUKAU 将这套字体结合 那狗达 的画面元素进行了二次创作,通过三维图形的表现方式,呈现在了这本Risograph印刷的海报书中。

AD: Li Zifei
D: Li Kefeng