"aranyaPost", as the first pictorial of Aranya, has a dialogue with the times with independent topics. Photographers and designers are specially invited to create in each issue, combined with the natural and cultural landscapes related to Anaya, through lightweight content and contemporary vision, to tell video stories that transcend locality. The creation of this collaboration is the ninth issue of "LNT Traceless Mountains" of "aranyaPost". Leave No Trace, referred to as LNT, translated as "No Trace Mountain Forest", as an outdoor sports concept, aims to remind people to pay attention to the ecological environment when they are active in nature, and to protect and maintain the original appearance of the places they go.We transformed the sound samples recorded in the field of Anaya Jinshanling into dynamic images through programming tools, and presented them with the huge environmental slogan "LNb", hidden in the contours of the stacked mountain peaks. With artificial Sampling the sounds of nature, 'LNT' naturally generates rolling mountain forms through sound visualization. Birdsong, rain, thunder and lightning can be heard in the image... a wonderful picture of nature in our minds. We hope to establish an image connection of the contrasting relationship between "natural origin" and "artificial manipulation" through the sound and dynamic images in the images.

《aranyaPost阿那亚邮报》作为阿那亚第一本画报 ,以独立选题与时代进行对话。每期特邀摄影师与设计师进行创作,结合阿那亚相关的自然、人文景观,通过轻质化的内容和当代化的视觉,讲述超越在地性的影像故事。这次合作的创作是《aranyaPost 阿那亚邮报》的第九期“LNT无痕山林”。Leave No Trace,简称LNT,译为"无痕山林",作为一种户外运动理念,旨在提醒人们在自然中活动时,关注生态环境,并身体力行地保护与维护所到之处的原本风貌。我们把在阿那亚•金山岭实地录制的声音采样经过编程工具转化为动态影像,以画面中巨大的环保口号“ LNb '呈现,隐藏在层层叠叠的 山峰等高线之中。伴随着人工采样的大自然声音,“LNT'通过声音可视化手段,自然生成绵延起伏的山峦形态。影像中可以听到鸟鸣、雨声、雷电轰鸣声……一幅大自然在我们脑海中既定的美妙画面。我们希望通过影像中的声音、动态画面,建立起“自然原生”与“人工操控”这一对反差关系的意象联结。