lululemon has always been sharing the concept of "well being" with more people. At the beginning of the new year, the brand will continue to explore Eastern narratives about "well being" within its profound traditional cultural heritage.As the season marking the beginning of the year, "Spring" holds special significance in Eastern culture, with people singing its praises and attributing various positive meanings to it. lululemon sees  "Spring" as an expression of intentionality, concerning one's inner state. Therefore, singing of 'Spring' is a call inward, with the hope of achieving a harmonious"well being" of body and mind.

在“世界精神卫生日”这天,lululemon携手多位明星大使,一同开启“一起好状态”(Wellbeing For AIl)的主题活动。在为期一个月的品牌活动中,涵盖以品牌大使故事为灵感的外滩巨幕投影秀,基于微信小程序的“好状态习练室”,以及各个线下门店的社区活动,积极邀请人们一起习练好状态。

AD: Zifei Li
D: Kun Li