On World Mental Health Day, lululemon joined forces with multiple celebrity ambassadors to launch the "Wellbeing For All" themed Campaign. Throughout the month-long brand campaign, activities included a grand projection show on the Bund, drawing inspiration from the stories of brand ambassadors, a "Wellbeing Studio" mini-program on WeChat, and community events at various offline stores, actively encouraging people to practice good health together. The concept of "wellbeing" is viewed as an ongoing journey, fostering self-transcendence through continuous accumulation, akin to the gradual progression of visual elements. It entails maintaining one's rhythm steadily and lightly, without coercion or abandonment, striking a balance between clarity and ambiguity, and naturally emanating a sense of "wellbeing.”

在“世界精神卫生日”这天,lululemon携手多位明星大使,一同开启“一起好状态”(Wellbeing For AIl)的主题活动。在为期一个月的品牌活动中,涵盖以品牌大使故事为灵感的外滩巨幕投影秀,基于微信小程序的“好状态习练室”,以及各个线下门店的社区活动,积极邀请人们一起习练好状态。 所谓“好状态”应该是一个持续的过程,在积累中促成一次次的自我超越,正如视觉元素中往复渐进的变化,稳健而轻盈地保持着自己的节奏,不强求更不会放弃,在清晰与模糊之间保持平衡,自然而然释放“好状态”。