lululemon has always been sharing the concept of "well being" with more people. At the beginning of the new year, the brand will continue to explore Eastern narratives about "well being" within its profound traditional cultural heritage.As the season marking the beginning of the year, "Spring" holds special significance in Eastern culture, with people singing its praises and attributing various positive meanings to it. lululemon sees  "Spring" as an expression of intentionality, concerning one's inner state. Therefore, singing of 'Spring' is a call inward, with the hope of achieving a harmonious"well being" of body and mind.

(fake)KAUKAU全新发布的字体项目Nonsense Saver / 空谈保护程序,围绕日常生活中的网络字体景观,以病毒化散播生长为概念,结合三维影像、综合材料装置、印刷物等多种视觉手段,作为字体叙事的小范围尝试。