lululemon has always been sharing the concept of "well being" with more people. At the beginning of the new year, the brand will continue to explore Eastern narratives about "well being" within its profound traditional cultural heritage.As the season marking the beginning of the year, "Spring" holds special significance in Eastern culture, with people singing its praises and attributing various positive meanings to it. lululemon sees  "Spring" as an expression of intentionality, concerning one's inner state. Therefore, singing of 'Spring' is a call inward, with the hope of achieving a harmonious"well being" of body and mind.

拾捌精酿作为中国最早诞生的精酿啤酒厂牌之一,2013年创办于武汉。拾捌精酿注重配比的创新,曾酿造出国内首款加入氮气的啤酒,并尝试加入更多中国元素: 茶叶、陈皮、辣椒等,又或是将中国白酒引入啤酒酿造的过桶工艺。在酒饮巨头以工业生产饲养消费主义巨兽的环境里,拾捌对酿造始终保持着炽诚的爱。