lululemon has always been sharing the concept of "well being" with more people. At the beginning of the new year, the brand will continue to explore Eastern narratives about "well being" within its profound traditional cultural heritage.As the season marking the beginning of the year, "Spring" holds special significance in Eastern culture, with people singing its praises and attributing various positive meanings to it. lululemon sees  "Spring" as an expression of intentionality, concerning one's inner state. Therefore, singing of 'Spring' is a call inward, with the hope of achieving a harmonious"well being" of body and mind.

OUT n ABOUT 于2020年成立于上海,专注于轻户外运动童装产品的探索研发,力图在不同使用场景下为孩子提供舒适体感。强调功能性材质的设计开发,过程中不断测试模拟孩子的使用习惯及户外环境因素,从孩子的角度开发功能与舒适兼备的产品。品牌倡导经常带孩子到户外环境下活动,无论是山林草地,还是城市活动空间,培养孩子的探索精神,激发孩子的想象力和创造力。