lululemon has always been sharing the concept of "well being" with more people. At the beginning of the new year, the brand will continue to explore Eastern narratives about "well being" within its profound traditional cultural heritage.As the season marking the beginning of the year, "Spring" holds special significance in Eastern culture, with people singing its praises and attributing various positive meanings to it. lululemon sees  "Spring" as an expression of intentionality, concerning one's inner state. Therefore, singing of 'Spring' is a call inward, with the hope of achieving a harmonious"well being" of body and mind.

此次展览“勺子 / SPOON”展出的是李克丰李梓菲共同创作的实验性出版项目:‘BE KAUKAU’——建立在多种媒介、材料及视觉表达手段之上,探索不同城市图像和平面元素进行视觉融合的实验性叙事。随着项目的深化,开始尝试各种视听觉手段,试图进一步以主观视角去视觉化图像记忆和真实感受的反差感,重新赋予日常城市图像不同的语境。偏好多元设计手段的他们也在尝试不同的印刷方式,作为全新的创作呈现在此次展览中。