"DEMO exists to draw attention and inspire through animation, creating a continuous visual experience." — DEMO is an animation exhibition project initiated by Studio Dumbar and Exterion Media Netherlands. The exhibition took place in Amsterdam's bustling Central Station. In 2019, KAUKAU's animation piece, The Greeting Face, was invited to participate in this project. It was displayed alongside other motion design works from various countries on 80 electronic screens in Amsterdam Central Station, continuously running for 24 hours.

“DEMO 的存在是为了让动画引起大家的注意并有所启发,进而创造一种持续性的视觉体验。” —— DEMO 是由 Studio Dumbar 和 Exterion Media Netherlands 共同发起的动画展览项目。展览的场地位于阿姆斯特丹最热闹的空间——中央火车站。2019年,KAUKAU动画作品 The Greeting Face受邀参加了这个项目,与其他来自全球不同国家的动态设计作品一起,在阿姆斯特丹中央火车站的80块电子屏上不间断地滚动播放了24小时。

AD: Li Zifei
DD: Li Kefeng