KAUKAU invited the type design studio Huruf to relocate their research field from the multicultural Malaysia to the historically rich and international metropolis of Shanghai for a new exploration. The research materials will all be sourced from urban typography captured around Yuyuan Road, utilizing local resources to explore broader experimental possibilities for urban typography.

KAUKAU 邀请字体设计工作室  Huruf 将自己的研究场域从多民族融合的马来西亚迁到了历史悠久的国际化大都市上海,一同进行一场全新的探索。研究的材料将全部来源于愚园路周边拍摄到的城市字体,就地取材,探索城市字体更广的实验空间。

AD: Li Zifei
DD: Li Kefeng